RENSA® Carboxy – New Polymer Resin for High Recoveries

RENSA® M-Carboxy is a methacrylate-based weak cation exchange resin built on a highly cross-linked acrylic backbone and carboxylic acid moieties. It displays a retention mainly based on weak cationic exchange interactions. This polymer resin can be used for a broad range of basic and cationic compounds of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature with good recoveries in both aqueous and organic solutions.

RENSA M-Carboxy is available as bulk material in the gram and kilogram levels off the shelf. Larger quantities are available on request. Custom particle sizes, formats or material modifications can be made available. Contact MIP Technologies for furher discussions at »

m-carboxy-thumb Product note – RENSA® M-Carboxy A Methacrylate-based Weak Cation Exchange Resin »