What We Do Old

When Other Resins do not Perform

As regulations change, industries may be forced to reduce contaminants in their products. The food, beverage, pharma, consumer products and life science industries are constantly confronted with new separation challenges as the result of this ever changing regulatory environment.

Our answer to these difficult purification challenges is tailor made resins, made with molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) technique. And our business model will serve you: profit comes only if a project is successful and a resin is industrialised – strong motivation to succeed.

Through innovative polymer synthesis technology, MIP Technologies has the ability to design and synthesize the optimal resin for a customer’s specific need.

Examples of Use

  • Highly selective removal of unwanted contaminants
  • Targeted recovery of desired compounds – e.g. to enrich a valuable compound
  • Increased resolution of compounds – when other resins do not perform
  • Agricultural residues in food ingredients
  • By-products or starting materials in pharmaceuticals
  • Compounds originating from microorganisms
  • Circumventing a standard unit operation such as distillation or liquid-liquid extraction
  • Large scale purifications, e.g. very large or too many columns required
  • Undesired chemicals involved such as large amounts of salts, flammable organic solvents or toxics

Direct Advantages

  • Higher capacity, volume and flow
  • High pressure stability due to high polymeric cross-linkage
  • Prolonged resin lifetime
  • Decreased or zero solvent use
  • Replaces toxic reagents – greener chemistry

Why Work with Us?

Because of our Capabilities

  • Strong expertise in custom polymer resin design
  • Large in-house resin library holding >2500 start candidates
  • Off-the-shelf industrial resins available in bulk quantities
  • Development of novel resins and optimization for industrial use
  • Scale-up & production facilities
  • Long experience in purification of small and oligomeric molecules
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system
  • Experience with food grade regulations
  • Swedish quality

Because of How We Work with you

  • Total discretion is assured throughout the project (Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • We keep a close communication with the partner
  • Complete project agreement prior to start
  • We work as an extension of your own research group
  • Disciplined documentation, reporting and traceability of data
  • You pay only on success – collaboration is on a non-profit basis
  • Our business model: profit if project is successful and a resin is industrialised – strong motivation to succeed

Because of our track record

  • Polymeric resin development collaborations since year 2000
  • 75% success rate in conducted projects
  • Our customers include a large number of top 100 companies